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Determine Your Area of Focus

Well done!!

You have done a big task of self-analysis, self-discovery to determine your goals, dreams and/or possibilities. You have prepared your vision boards (do not worry if they are not fully populated, you can add items there at anytime later).

Focusing on all areas equally at the same time would be overwhelming so it is good to identify the area you should focus on (please feel to choose your own approach if you feel that this is not right approach for you). The following tool will help you to achieve that. Please download and print it so you can work with it. If you do not have a printer, you can easily to draw this wheel of life on a paper.

Take a pencil and mark from scale 0 to 10 (0 is the lowest and 10 is the highest) how you think your life is developed in each area. Put a date in the corner. You should do this exercise once a month to keep monitoring your development.

Ideally, all areas should be developed at the same level to have a balanced life, even if it is not 8,9 or 10 yet. You can choose area of focus based on the numbers given and start focusing on one or two areas with the lowest numbers. However, sometime people might not be keen on certain areas and do not wish to focus on these areas. For instance, if you are not keen on traveling and you got the lowest points there, you most likely would not like to focus on this area. So your next step will be to circle the most important areas for you you wish to develop. Then choose your area of focus with lowest score from only circled areas. You should not work consciously on more than 1-2 areas at the same time.

Once you know your area of focus, you can start working on it. You can choose your own way or join us on our self-development journaling journey.

Although, we are creating a range of journals - which can be explored in our Journaling section, if you wish to support your visualisation, we would recommend you to have a look at our vision journal designed to capture your goals, dreams and possibilities.

To learn more how to change your goals and dreams into reality,

you can undertake a manifesting and vision board workshop with Quest4Success.

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