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Happiness Bundle

with Anna

If interested or for more details,

please contact me via LinkedIn

The bundle is right for you if your woman (ideally) fulfills most of the following:

  • lives in Surrey, UK (or London)

  • age 30-55

  • is mum of grown up kids (10+)

  • does not have a serious mental health problems but you think she could be happier (and you will be happier too!)

The bundle can be composed of 1 or more items:

  • FREE Initial call or meeting with you so I can understand what you are looking for and how I can help you with that. We will try to create the right bundle for your woman and you will get the opportunity to find out whether I am the right happiness trainer for her.

  • 1 or more individual happiness sessions (Happiness is a skill that can be learnt or improved on. I teach the happiness skill. It is often an intuitive approach based on my knowledge, research and experiences. I am good at discovering what people need improving.)

  • or 1-2-1 holistic happiness training (ideally 3-6 months, systematic happiness training focusing on developing the happiness skill in both, outer and inner world, following my 'Like a Diamond' happiness model).  I work only with 1-2 women at the time so my capacity for this happiness training is limited. I have only 1 place available from January 2024.

  • multipurpose magnetic boards which can be used for achieving goals and dream, or as gratitude boards, or happy life vision boards (more info here)

  • Happiness Workbook designed by me

  • After happiness training or happiness sessions with your woman, I also can offer FINAL meeting with you or both of you if you wish to contribute more to her happiness too 

What is the dream outcome?

Happy Woman/Wife = Happy Life

Happier Mums = Happier Kids

About ANNA

  • LinkedIn

- a certified happiness trainer/facilitator/researcher

- strong academic background, PhD holder

Why to undertake happiness training with Anna ?

  • Personal Approach:

  • Intuitive & Compassionate Empowered Empath

  • Warm & Friendly Approach

  • Ability to Motivate, Uplift and Inspire Others

  • Good Sense of Humour

Engineering Abilities:

  • Great Analytical Skills

  • Creative Problem Solving Skills

  • Strong Ability to Recognise Details of a Process or Structure and Find What is not Working 

Authentic Creative Expressions:

  • Multi-Passionate & Artistic

  • Tools/Strategies/Approaches/Journals Designer & Developer

Driven by the Desire To:

  • Create a Better & Happier World

  • Improve Inner Beauty & Abundance

  • Support Self-Discovery & Self-Acceptance

  • Recognise & Follow Passions

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