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Have you ever got the feeling that everyone around (except you) is happy?
Do you struggle with own happiness?
Do you feel that bad things are happening only to you?


Happiness is a skill that can be learnt or improved on!

You can improve your happiness skill too!

Where to start?

  1. By reading our blog which offers FREE happiness training

  2. By booking a happiness session with Anna - 20 min phone call with results in first 7 days (money back guaranteed if no results)

  3. By using our tools and journals designed by Anna

Before you start, you can do our FREE HaPPiNeSS Assessment (click here)

By using our happiness assessment, you will be able to compare your happiness now and after 3, 6 or 12 months after taking our happiness training.

And then you will share and spread happiness around :)

What to expect from the Holistic Happiness Training with Anna:

  • discovering what happiness means

  • learning what contributes to happiness

  • exploring the importance of changing habits & life style

  • reviewing your home or living place

  • focusing on inner work

  • cultivating Inner Beauty

  • changing inner mental & emotional settings

  • achieving better relationships with self & close people

  • improving self acceptance & self worth

  • finding your soul alignment, living with harmony with your soul

  • creating a good happy life vision & life story

  • improving self talk

  • learning how to keep open hear

The aim of our HaPPiNeSS

training is to increase your numbers

(after 3, 6 and 12 months)

FREE printable happiness assessment (click here)


The aim of our HaPPiNeSS

training is to increase your ability of coping with life






What is

your vision


HaPPy life?

Are you mum

of grown up kids?

Click here for extra support

   Not a woman?   

Happy Wife = Happy Life

Happy Woman =  Happier Man

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About ANNA

  • LinkedIn

a certified happiness trainer/facilitator/researcher

Why to undertake happiness training with Anna ?

  • Personal Approach:

  • Intuitive & Compassionate Empowered Empath

  • Warm & Friendly Approach

  • Ability to Motivate, Uplift and Inspire Others

  • Good Sense of Humour

Engineering Abilities:

  • Great Analytical Skills

  • Creative Problem Solving Skills

  • Strong Ability to Recognise Details of a Process or Structure and Find What is not Working 

Authentic Creative Expressions:

  • Multi-Passionate & Artistic

  • Tools/Strategies/Approaches/Journals Designer & Developer

Driven by the Desire To:

  • Create a Better & Happier World

  • Improve Inner Beauty & Abundance

  • Support Self-Discovery & Self-Acceptance

  • Recognise & Follow Passions

“I didn't hesitate for a moment and immediately decided to take the happiness training with Anna. My happiness mostly consisted of material and external joys. It was as if there was never time for my inner happiness. In the happiness training, Anna guided me step by step so that I could see my gifts, abilities and skills and be able to use them fully at 100%. Anna's happiness training is a beautiful journey to yourself and, above all, an understanding that happiness is only your personal choice. Anna follows her great mission because happiness is so much needed all around us and that is why I will always support her on her journey.
One big THANK YOU, my life has changed into a beauty."

Gitka C. / Former Lawyer / Doctor of Laws

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