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1-2-1 Happiness Training with Anna (in Person or online)
Become The Happiest Version of Yourself
Package of 6 sessions + bonus session

"One of the first steps to happiness is deciding that you want to be happy and knowing what that means."

Julia Roberts

1-2-1 Happiness Training 1
1-2-1 Happiness Training 2
1-2-1 Happiness Training 3
1-2-1 Happiness Training 4
1-2-1 Happiness Training 5
1-2-1 Happiness Training 6
1-2-1 Happiness Training Bonus
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- a certified happiness trainer/facilitator/researcher

- 10+ years as Software Engineer & Project Lead

- PhD holder

- artist/designer/innovator

Why to undertake happiness training with Anna ?

  • Personal Approach:

  • Intuitive & Compassionate Empowered Empath

  • Warm & Friendly Approach

  • Ability to Motivate, Uplift and Inspire Others

  • Good Sense of Humour

Engineering Abilities:

  • Great Analytical Skills

  • Creative Problem Solving Skills

  • Strong Ability to Recognise Details of a Process or Structure and Find What is not Working 

Authentic Creative Expressions:

  • Multi-Passionate & Artistic

  • Tools/Strategies/Approaches/Journals Designer & Developer

Driven by the Desire To:

  • Create a Better & Happier World

  • Improve Inner Beauty & Abundance

  • Support Self-Discovery & Self-Acceptance

  • Recognise & Follow Passions


Be Happier by Changing
mind to a happy mind

Change the way how you think!
Fuel Your Mind by Happy and Self-Empowering Thoughts
And Focus On Them


Happiness Workshops & 1-2-1 Happiness sessions
(in Person)
available in Surrey or London (United Kingdom)


Tools & journals for happiness & personal development Designed by Anna

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