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My kids are my everything for me. They make so happy!

Did you say this to yourself for years and suddenly your kids are grown ups and you feel some emptiness inside you? 

Do you feel like your happiness is gone because your kids do not need you anymore and they live their own lives?

Perhaps it is time to rediscover your happiness!

Your kids want to see you HAPPY and glowing from inside out! 

I managed to do it! I live a passion-driven life and I keep my cup full!

80% of my happiness training is focused on mums of grown up kids.

I like to go to the depth and provide a holistic happiness training so 

I work only with a limited number of women

(usually 1-2-1 approach or a small focus group of like-minded women).

Next available place (at the moment) will be available in January 2024.

If it sounds interesting, please contact me via website or on LinkedIn.

We can schedule an initial 15-30 min call to find out whether I am the right person for you


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