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Journals designed by Anna are available on Amazon (printed by Amazon on demand).

HaPPie Me

HaPPiNeSS Bucket JouRNaL

100 things to do to be HAPPY

Your Happiness Bucket List.

Can you do them all

in one year? ;)

My Ideas


Make your ideas unforgettable!


Pages for concepts, inspirations, notes or sketching.

For people with lots of ideas!

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HaPPie Me - HaPPiNeSS BuCKeT JouRNaL

HaPPie Me Bucket Journal includes a list of 100 (+4) things to do to be happy. Create a happiness memories diary!

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My Ideas


Make your ideas them definitely unforgettable!

For people with lots of ideas!

Journal Bucket Cover.png

Couple Bucket


Journal with 42 given couple ideas + 2 blank activities - perfect to remember unforgettable moments with loved one!

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