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Feeling Lonely? Try MeetUp

Loneliness is one of things that many people encounter once or more times in their life.

Sometime people feel lonely even if they are in a relationship perhaps because their needs are not fully met. Being physically alone does not mean you are lonely, some people are loners - happy to be on their own and they know how to feel their own cup.

Loneliness is actually a state of mind when you feel empty, alone, and unwanted.

My tip to overcome loneliness, whether you are alone or living with a partner, family or other people, is to try to find a local group of people with same interests.

I found website with different meetup groups and I connected with people, mainly women who liked playing board games, reading books or doing different activities including skating or hiking. I also found a group of female software developers. I love meeting new people and talking with like-minded women makes me always happy.

The good thing about the concept is that it gives you a freedom of choosing what is best for you without any obligation. Just be open minded. There are also plenty of online events if you prefer that in case that you feel lonely and crave human contact, but your state of mind makes it more difficult to form connections with others.

Online events can give you a sense of belonging, you do not need to switch your camera on!

Definitely MeetUp is a platform worth of exploring! Have fun! :)


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