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How to deal with a change in life or work?

I was in London and usually when I am in London I visit the bookshop at Trafalgar Square - Waterstones. I like the vibes of the shop.

This day was not different. I met my friend from Liverpool who suggested to meet me at Fortnum & Mason .... and I must say I had one of the loveliest Sunday Roasts there!

I love walking in London so on my way back to the train station I was wondering whether I should go to the bookshop (I have already a pile of 'I have to read' books) but I could not resist the temptation to have a look. I decided that I will not buy any book unless it calls on me 'buy me, buy me, you really need me" :)

I was wandering around the shop and checked many books. There were many interesting books I would love to read but I knew I would just add on my 'to do' list and I did not want that.

After a while I came across the book Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson (on Amazon) and it said that it was only 1 hour of reading! Oh yes! It got my attention! I thought that I could easily read it on train on my way back home! So I bought it! Never regretted it. I love that story. It describes how we can get stuck on our vision of a happy life and reluctant of noticing that circumstances have changed. It happens to many ppl (once or many times in life) that they are afraid of changes. But things around us are always changing and we should adjust. Not easy sometimes.

This book offers a story which helps dealing with changes. It is a story of looking for a cheese in a maze - in which 'cheese' is a metaphor for something we want to have in our life and we think it would make us happy (job, person, money, holiday etc) so we pursue it in a 'maze' (work, community, city etc.). The imaginary characters in the story represent parts of ourselves. But I will not tell more!

So if you are dealing with some changes in your life or work, or if you do not like changes at all, I would recommend to read this book!


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