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But before you go...
We would like to invite you on our
upcoming workshop with Dr. Anna Nova
that can help you to discover
Treasure within you
created by your grandma

About Dr Anna Nova

Empathetic, intuitive, loving, caring


Anna is a loving granddaughter, mum, inner abundance awakener, & soulpreneur who stimulates and guides other females on their journey. Anna is a doctor of philosophy awarded by the University of West London. Anna's creative soul is expressed in her artwork (polymer clay sculpting, painting and pyrography - see below). Passionate about her personal and spiritual growth, keen on knowing and experiencing more while enjoying her life & driven to add a value and celebrate life, Anna recognised her abilities to empower, uplift and motivate people around. Anna thinks that each woman should know her own value, feel good enough and have a passionate and fulfilling life. Her projects are designed

The idea to create the project The Precious Gift of Life - My Grandma came to her when her 90 years old grandma had a very bad fall and ended up in a hospital. Being 2000 km far away in a different country, in the Covid era when 14 days quarantine was needed, she knew that her grandma, not aware of all the obstacles and restrictions, was waiting for Anna to come. Anna felt how afraid her grandma was to stay alone in the hospital room....she knew about their strong bond...Anna will share the rest of her story in the workshop

Anna started wondering how many people must have such a strong bond with their grandparent and do not even realise what a huge treasure they hold within them...

So the story of the project began...

Based on Anna's strong bond with my grandma, Anna decided to grow the seed her grandma planted in her and consequently build this program & community to support people who have also such an amazing connection with a grandma or other family member.

More about Dr Anna Nova's vision and mission can be found here
on her LinkedIn Profile

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