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TREE of Happiness

Anna's Personalised Artwork - Scrapbook Cover

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Tree of Happiness for my special friend Maria:

- grow strong roots based on your inner moral compass which will hold you on the right path
- healthy roots growth is driven by your beliefs, your values, your self-worth, your self-acceptance, your principles, your thoughts, your emotions and your energy so make sure that you do inner work to have a stable base (often invisible by eyes of other people but perceived by their hearts)
- do more of what you love and are passionate about in order to grow strong branches
- have your heart present in all your actions in the world and keep it in the centre of your branches crown
- Sing your own Song: bring golden leaves to the world by contributing to it in your own unique way (each of us is talented in something so use your talents, gifts and skills well)
- be balanced and happy whatever the weather, strong in a wind, protected under a strong sun, dancing in the rain, shining in the dark

This artwork was created as a gift for my friend Maria who is like this tree, strong and witty, balanced and full of love, following her passions (e.g. flying with a drone)
To see her passion, please look at her YouTube channel (and subscribe if you like it):

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