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Multipurpose Dry Erase Magnetic Vision Boards (2 designs) based on Bagua, Feng Shui 
can be used by individuals, couples of families for 
Happy Life Vision, Gratitude, Personal Development, 
Goals and Dreams or just as a Reminder

Use Magnetic boards
to Grow Your Happy Life Vision

Happiness is different for everyone!

While happiness has many different definitions, it is often described as an emotional state characterised by feelings of joy, life satisfaction, contentment, and inner fulfillment.

People have different personalities, values, backgrounds, beliefs, and goals and happiness varies from person to person. What makes one person happy might not bring happiness to someone else. Happiness also varies within one person because it can shift from moment to moment or day to day. Although our happiness is shaped by genetics, life experience, beliefs, life circumstances, social and cultural aspects; our happiness also depends on individual choices. While our control over most of those aspects is minimal, there are choices we can take on a personal level to feel happier and increase our chances of bringing more happiness into our life.

Our magnetic boards designed by Anna are tools
which can assist you in

making and visualising your happiness choices!

What is your vision of happy life? What life choices do you make to feel happier?

Your life vision is how you visualise your happy life (the image in your mind) and how you see yourself in the world. Your life story is what you keep telling yourself about you and your ability to achieve your happy life vision (usually based on your past experiences, beliefs and assumptions). For example, your happy life vision involves having a great expensive car but your mind is telling you that you will never be able to afford it. Having a happy life vision with a corresponding happy life story is important for making right life decisions. Our multipurpose magnetic boards can be a great tool to identify and follow your happy life vision. The board is divided into 8 key life areas:

1. You can write what makes you or would make you happy

2. You can write your goals, dreams or possibilities

3. You can express gratitude for what you already have

4. You can write your happy ideas

5. You can write you next steps or actions

6. You can write your small wins.

7. You can see it every day and change it at any time!

Thinking about possibilities, dreams, goals and actions might change how you see the world and your brain might get a sense of control over your life and release dopamine. Your boards might also help in certain moments when feeling stressed or challenged because by looking at your boards you can shift your focus from other things to your happy life vision in a couple of seconds. You should feel immediately better and more motivated to achieve your goals (depends on the story you keep telling yourself in your mind).

(a balanced approach is necessary, no need to overdo it!)

One part of Anna's Happiness Training focuses on defining your happiness blueprint

if any assistance with this is needed.


8 key life areas are based on Feng Shui Bagua

and focus on all important aspects of your life

  • Love & Relationships

  • Hobbies & Creativity

  • Travel

  • Journey & Career

  • Spiritual Growth & Self-Awareness

  • Family & Home & Health

  • Prosperity & Abundance

  • Success & Fame

Dry erase magnetic boards are very flexible and can be placed on a fridge (to be seen regularly) or on any magnetic surface (to be used more privately). We offer two designs. Design 1 gives space for writing main goals, dreams, feelings or possibilities. Design 2 offers more blank space and can be used for actions, or as a vision board, a reminder, or for anything else. Both magnetic boards can be used as complements, or independently.

There are several ways how to use our magnetic boards apart from options listed above, for example as a gratitude board. Please feel free to be creative and use them in any way that suits you. Our vision boars can be used by individuals, families, couples or used for business projects.


Girl 1 written.jpg
This map allows writing goals, dreams, possibilities in provided bubbles
  • magnetic dry erase whiteboard (A3 size)
  • simply to be Placed on a fridge or magnetic SURFACE
  • Free Black Marker Pen with Eraser cap

Some ideas/tips:

  1. Do not try to fill every key life area at the same time. Some areas can be filled easier, some of them take time to be elaborated.

  2. Thinking about your possibilities, dreams or goals would give you feeling of control over your life and might help you with your life vision.

  3. Goals are your life milestones you aim to achieve via your planned/unplanned actions so enjoy the journey and celebrate little achievements when completing smaller steps.

  4. Dreams are your desires you wish to have/possess/happen in your life.

  5. Possibilities as life bonuses which could make your life nicer if happen.

  6. Try to imagine yourself when achieved what you write on the board, do you have a feeling of fulfillment and happiness? If not, think about it again!

  7. Sometime the continuous progress and small actions can bring us more happiness than the moment of finally achieved goal or dream (shortcuts can help to achieve things faster but might not give long-term feeling of satisfaction and happiness).

  8. Things which do not belong to you only hardly can make you happy. 

Actions Vision Board
This map allows is for ACTIONS or Gratitude
  • magnetic dry erase whiteboard (A3 size)
  • simply Place on your fridge or a magnetic surface
  • you can use magnetic push pins to hold images
  • Free Black Marker Pen with Eraser cap

           BUNDLE DISCOUNT - 20% OFF when 2 boards purchased        

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