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Our 'Happy Life Vision/Gratitude' Magnetic Boards (2 designs)

Grow Your Happy Life Vision

Happiness is different for everyone!

While happiness has many different definitions, it is often described as an emotional state characterised by feelings of joy, life satisfaction, contentment, and inner fulfillment.

People have different personalities, values, backgrounds, beliefs, and goals and happiness varies from person to person. What makes one person happy might not bring happiness to someone else. Happiness also varies within one person because it can shift from moment to moment or day to day. Although our happiness is shaped by genetics, life experience, beliefs, life circumstances, social and cultural aspects; our happiness also depends on individual choices. While our control over most of those aspects is minimal, there are choices we can take on a personal level to feel happier and increase our chances of bringing more happiness into our life.

Our Happy Life magnetic boards designed by Anna are tools
for making and visualising your individual choices!

What is your vision of happy life?

What life choices do you make to be happier?

Your life vision is how you visualise your happy life (the image in your mind) and how you see yourself in the world. Your life story is what you keep telling yourself about you and your ability to achieve your happy life vision (usually based on your past experiences, beliefs and assumptions). For example, your happy life vision involves having a great expensive car but your mind is telling you that you will never be able to afford it.  Read more in our blog post (click here).

Having a happy life vision