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'Science shows that happiness is a skill that can be learnt or improved on' were the words which initiated Anna's journey with 'happiness'. Anna created the 'Happier Me with Anna' platform after she became a certified happiness facilitator in 2022.  Anna believes that people can have a happier life once they know more about what happiness means, what contributes to happiness and how the happiness skill can be improved. Based on her knowledge, research and experiences, she created a holistic happiness model called 'Like a Diamond' which she introduces and follows in her happiness training (click here for more info).  

Anna is passionate about personal and spiritual development and she loves creating, designing and conceptualising things. This happiness platform is a part of her project called SangFroid Spirit (meaning of 'sangfroid spirit' = calmness & coolness of mind = evenness of mind under stress) which Anna created a couple of years ago in order to empower and enrich people's lives with  journals, tools and techniques designed by her
 (available in 'SHOP' here).

live life your own way

Make Sure You’ll Smile When You Look Back on Your Life

Imagine that you have Discovered your INNER POWER,
become the
Happiest Version of yourself,

Improved the Quality of your Life,
Do Work you love, enjoy Your life...
and then you look BACK
and you see all those Your first decisions
You had the courage to make
Girls Dancing at Street Party

Founder/Happiness Facilitator/Designer

Anna is a certified happiness facilitator/trainer/researcher

& become passionate about researching what makes people happier,

what happiness means and how it can be improved.

Anna is also a passionate product designer who loves implementing new and interesting ideas.

One of her dreams was to use all her skills, passions, knowledge, experiences and gifts

to design innovative products and tools which would contribute to people's personal development and happiness.

Anna's background is in Computing & IT with 10+ years industrial experience

as Software Engineer and Project Lead.

She is a learn-as-she-goes artist, but also a woman and mum of two.

Anna's Artwork can be found here: 

  • Instagram
  • TikTok

Anna is a people person and believes that to create a better world, one has to start with oneself.


Her motto is:

"If you think you are too small to make a difference,

try sleeping with a mosquito."

Dalai Lama XIV

Anna's beliefs:

  • People should live their own lives (not lives of people seen on social media). Spending too much time on computers and mobile devices (observing photos and lives of other people) make your own life shorter and emptier.

  • People should do things which make them happy - many people give up their activities because someone told them that they were not good enough to do them. But it is not about being the best in doing something, it is about having fun, great feeling and joy. I love trying new activities, my aim is to have fun and laugh, and learn something new

  • People should feel good enough - our diversity makes the world an interesting place and we are all equal. Each of us has different skills, abilities and qualities. Appreciate and love your uniqueness and you will glow from inside out :)

  • People should respect each other and think twice before they make negative comments about someone else. On the other hand, learning to not take comments of other people personally is one of the biggest challenges in our lives.

About Anna
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