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1-2-1 Happiness Training with Anna (in Person or online)
Become The Happiest Version of Yourself
Package of 6 sessions + bonus session

"One of the first steps to happiness is deciding that you want to be happy and knowing what that means."

Julia Roberts

1-2-1 Happiness Training 1
1-2-1 Happiness Training 2
1-2-1 Happiness Training 3
1-2-1 Happiness Training 4
1-2-1 Happiness Training 5
1-2-1 Happiness Training 6
1-2-1 Happiness Training Bonus

6 x 90 min Happiness Sessions with Anna

Happiness Training is available only as

a Package of 6 x 90 min sessions
+ FREE 2 Hours Bonus Session (tailored specifically for you and your needs)

Ideal for people who would like
to feel happier
1 session is never enough
Therefore a Package of 7 sessions
has been composed to achieve a result
YOU can feel Happier

Learn how to cultivate your
Happiness & Inner beauty with Anna




(90 min online or in person

in Woking, Surrey UK)

Happiness & Happy Life Vision

Your Happiness Blueprint

Discover what happiness means and how important is to have a right happy life vision. Reflect on your happiness blueprint and through a thought-provoking process align yourself to your happiness blueprint or align your happiness blueprint to your actual soul needs and being.


(90 min online or in person

in Woking, Surrey UK)

I am Good Enough

My Divine Superpower

Your self-worth matters! Discover how to improve your happiness via improving you own self beliefs and the story you keep telling yourself. We all are talented in something and Anna's mission is to assist you in seeing your own divine superpower.



(90 min online or in person

in Woking, Surrey UK)

Happy Mind = Happy Life

Befriend Your Mind

Our mind was designed to judge and give us a lot of thoughts and ideas. We can make our mind our friend and use it to create a happier life. Learn how to take control over your mind by handling negative thoughts and fueling it with happy & self-empowering thoughts.



(90 min online or in person

in Woking, Surrey UK)

Passion Driven Life

Happy Mindful Creativity

Be happier by being more passionate & creative. Anna created a passion driven version of Ikigai so this session focuses on this concept and its benefits for a happier life. It is important to follow your passions to live your life to its fullest happiest potential.



(90 min online or in person

in Woking, Surrey UK)

Happier Relationships

Keep Your Heart Open

Learn how to improve relationships and make them happier. People around us influence our happiness and we influence theirs. By knowing how to keep your heart open, you will contribute to your own well-being & well-being of others. 



(90 min online or in person

in Woking, Surrey UK)

Happy 'I love my life'


Your attitude towards yourself, people and life matters! No bitterness is allowed. Look at your past from a different perspective. Resolve old issues. Heal your wounds and make them scars. Love yourself, your life, your body and mind.



(2 hours online or in person

in Woking, Surrey UK)


After 6 specific sessions with you, Anna will know you better so the bonus session will be focused specifically on the area Anna thinks is most important for you to live a happier and more authentic life. Anna is very intuitive and can identify what would make people happier.


Have you
to become
the happiest 
of yourself?

Please contact Anna here for more details if you decided to FEEL HAPPIER and invest your time and energy into improving your happiness. 
Anna will arrange a FREE 30 min discovery call in which she will answer all your questions and outline what you can expect from the happiness training.

  • LinkedIn

- a certified happiness trainer/facilitator/researcher

- 10+ years as Software Engineer & Project Lead

- PhD holder

- artist/designer/innovator

- artwork available on 

  • Instagram
  • TikTok

Why to undertake happiness training with Anna ?

  • Personal Approach:

  • Intuitive & Compassionate Empowered Empath

  • Warm & Friendly Approach

  • Ability to Motivate, Uplift and Inspire Others

  • Good Sense of Humour

Engineering Abilities:

  • Great Analytical Skills

  • Creative Problem Solving Skills

  • Strong Ability to Recognise Details of a Process or Structure and Find What is not Working 

Authentic Creative Expressions:

  • Multi-Passionate & Artistic

  • Tools/Strategies/Approaches/Journals Designer & Developer

Driven by the Desire To:

  • Create a Better & Happier World

  • Improve Inner Beauty & Abundance

  • Support Self-Discovery & Self-Acceptance

  • Recognise & Follow Passions



“I didn't hesitate for a moment and immediately decided to take the happiness training with Anna. My happiness mostly consisted of material and external joys. It was as if there was never time for my inner happiness. In the happiness training, Anna guided me step by step so that I could see my gifts, abilities and skills and be able to use them fully at 100%. Anna's happiness training is a beautiful journey to yourself and, above all, an understanding that happiness is only your personal choice. Anna follows her great mission because happiness is so much needed all around us and that is why I will always support her on her journey.
One big THANK YOU, my life has changed into a beauty."

Gitka C. / Former Lawyer / Doctor of Laws

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