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Happiness is a skill that can be learnt or improved on
Become The Happiest Version of Yourself
by learning how to improve your happiness skill

"One of the first steps to happiness is deciding that you want to be happy and knowing what that means."

Julia Roberts

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Happiness is different for everyone!

While happiness has many different definitions, it is often described as an emotional state achieved by feelings of joy, life satisfaction, contentment, and inner fulfillment.

People have different personalities, values, backgrounds, beliefs, and goals and happiness varies from person to person. What makes one person happy might not bring happiness to someone else. Happiness also varies within one person and it can shift from moment to moment or day to day. However, there are some common factors contributing to our happiness.

Anna's aim is to share her knowledge (based on her research, knowledge and experiences) about what happiness means, what contributes to it and ways how your happiness can be improved and cultivated.
Anna is working on a guided workbook which will be available soon.
The guided workbook will follow the content of Anna's happiness sessions.

Please note: No 1-2-1 sessions are available at the moment but please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in more personal support in future.


Happiness & Happy Life Vision

Your Happiness Blueprint

Discover what happiness means and how important is to have a right happy life vision. Reflect on your happiness blueprint and through a thought-provoking process align yourself to your happiness blueprint or align your happiness blueprint to your actual soul needs and being.

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I am Good Enough

My Inner Power

Your self-worth matters! Discover how to improve your happiness via improving your self beliefs and the story you keep telling yourself. We all are talented in something and Anna talks about how to recognise and use your inner power to have a happier life.

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Happy Mind = Happy Life

Befriend Your Mind

Our mind was designed to judge and give us a lot of thoughts and ideas. We can make our mind our friend and use it to create a happier life. Discover the importance of taking control over your mind by handling negative thoughts and fueling it with happy & self-empowering thoughts.

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Passion Driven Life

Happy Mindful Creativity

Be happier by being more passionate & creative. Anna created a passion driven version of Ikigai and describes this concept and its benefits for a happier life. It is important to follow your passions to live your life to its fullest happiest potential.

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Happier Relationships

Keep Your Heart Open

Discover how to improve relationships and make them happier. People around us influence our happiness and we influence theirs. By knowing how to keep your heart open, you will contribute to your own well-being & well-being of others. 

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Happy 'I love my life'


Your attitude towards yourself, people and life matters! No bitterness is allowed. Discover how to look at your past from a different perspective, how important is to resolve old issues and heal your wounds for a happier life. Discover why loving yourself, your life, your body and mind is a key for happiness.

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In initial 60 min you might get lots of 'AHA moments' discovering which factors are blocking your happiness and where your happiness could be improved.

You will get extra 30 min with Anna tailored specifically for you and Anna will focus more on the area which you can improve to live a happier and more authentic life. 

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Anna has created two happiness models:
1. 'Like a Diamond' - this is a holistic happiness model followed in the happiness session. The model focuses on happiness in both, our outer and inner world.
2. H.A.P.P.Y happiness model - a simple visual happiness model which Anna created from the word HAPPY - Home, Attitude, People, Passion, Yourself. This model summarises Anna's knowledge and highlights what we can do to improve our happiness. Anna designed bookmarks (one for kids) with this model to make it visible and accessible easily at any time. The bookmark should be a tool to use when you feel unhappy - look at the bookmark/H.A.P.P.Y model and identify the area in which you can improve something and then do it. 

Please note: We cannot be happy all the time and some sad/unhappy moments belong to our life. By accepting it and learning how to handle our emotions,
we can feel better.
Anna does not promote an ultimate happiness all the time
or chasing happiness by all costs!
That is not her mission.
Anna's aim is to teach how to improve things which can be improved and assist you in achieving your happiness potential! :)

Both bookmarks are available in our shop.

1 Bookmark = £4.50 (free p&p in the UK)

3 Bookmarks (any) = £7.50 (free p&p in the UK)

5 Bookmarks (any) = £10 (free p&p in the UK)

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