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    Own your
Life Vision & Story

Visualisation Self Focus
...have own life vision...
...and, when you want
all the universe conspires
in helping you
to achieve it...
The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

What is your life vision? Do you have one?

You can read Anya's story below to understand what it means to have a life vision.


What are your passions & dreams?

Do you have courage to follow your dreams?

What activities make you really happy? Can you enjoy little things in your life?

If you are not sure about your life vision or feel confused what to do, it is normal. Most people have to go through this phase to find things which fulfilled them.

🎯✨ Thinking About Your Possibilities and Goals Changes How You See The World

"When you’re feeling stressed or challenged, think about your long-term goals.

It gives your brain a sense of control and can release dopamine which will make you feel better and more motivated."


(Source: A Neuroscientist Explains 5 Simple Things That Will Make you Exceptionally Happy - click here)

If you have your life vision identified, changing your beliefs and shifting your mind, body, emotions and energy in the same direction can be a good starting point.


"A happy person is the person
who has more dreams than the reality can destroy"  E.M.Remarque

Anya's story & life vision

Visualisation Anya
Anya was always a very dynamic woman who enjoyed living her life. The values she embraced were family, love and friendship. Anya started her family at very young age. Living in a rented house and having a low income did not stop her from enjoying every moment she spent with her kids, family and friends.
...but there was also her strong desire
to live her life fully as she always imagined ...
...often when she was on roads, her mind was wandering too, bringing her vivid visions about her life and what she truly desired and wanted... the beginning she thought that achieving such things was impossible...
...she kept telling herself that she could not really afford certain things...they could not live in an amazing house...
...and when she dreamed about her career, she did not feel good enough to pursue it further and see herself doing what she would love to do...

...but one day something changed...
Visualisation wonder while travel
Visualisation for couple
...she watched the Last Holiday movie
and got inspired...
...she could see how confident a woman can become once she starts doing what she loves and dreams about....
...she decided to identify and embrace HER life essences and say yes to her true heart desires ...and she started to think that anything in her life is possible

Anya's dreams led her to places around the world. One day she enjoyed breakfast in Greece, other day she was sunbathing in Bali and then she kissed her man in Paris.


She initially thought that travel dreams are only for rich people.

But she decided to stop her negative thoughts & emotions.

She discovered that traveling to places gives her feeling of freedom and independence. She did not want to travel all the time but having  adventurous trips twice a year would be perfect.

Visualisation travel
Visualisation travel
Visualisation travel Paris
Visualisation house
Dream House
Anya wanted to live in a modern spacious family house with a swimming pool surrounded by a big garden full of flowers and trees. Her dream house should be located outside the city and have the characteristics (location, inner and outer design) that represented her spiritual world and personality.

She imagined it in her mind every day. But she thought that they would never be able to afford it.

... she changed her thinking and told herself that it is possible to have such a house...

Visualisation hobby peacock pyrography
Visualisation hobby painted shells


The core essence of Anya's life was the ability to express her creative and passionate soul in artwork. She loved trying new techniques and was fascinated by pyrography, polymer clay modelling and painting. Her friends were impressed by her skills but she did not feel good enough to sell or display her artwork.

It was her biggest challenge to overcome her own disbelief in her abilities and skills. She decided to have an artwork display one day...

Visualisation owl polymer clay
Visualisation elephant polymer clay
Visualisation loving couple
Do Work You Love


One of Anya's dreams was to use all her skills, experiences and gifts to empower women's daily life through services and products designed specifically for women. She loved people and life, and wanted to support women - their personal and spiritual development. was her heart desire

so she decided to take little steps and actions every day...that has made her feel happier inside...she was improving her skills every day... was about enjoying the journey and seeing small victories :) ...

Visualisation work you love
Visualisation direction
Happier life

After Anya changed her belief system and the story she kept telling to herself, she knew that she has given her life the direction she desired to give.

She knew that she is going to live her life without regrets.

Anya identified the most important essences of her life. She wanted to enjoy her journey and felt she gained control

of her own life.


She believed that:

"Pray as though everything depended on Universe.
Work as though everything depended on you." - Saint Augustine


Most of Anya's possibilities, goals and dreams started turning into realities. She worked on several artwork projects for her artwork display, started a project for women and has become an inspiration for other people.

Anya has recorded her dreams and life essences on her magnetic vision board.

Anytime she looked at her board,

she knew that she has been living her life fully and was very proud of herself...

...the board reminded her all the little but most important decisions she made along the way...

...decisions which changed her life visions into real life moments...

Have you started thinking what is your life vision? WELL DONE!!!
It is not necessary to have your vision complete at this point,
but it is so great you think about it!
Being proud of your own life story, appreciating all life lessons and seeing your own uniqueness as a blessing are assets which can be achieved by each of us.
You are the author of your story so make sure that it is a good one!
Having your life vision, knowing what you enjoy and would like to do/have in your life should be your starting point.
You can use our vision boards to visualise the most important dreams, goals, possibilities or life milestones. And then....then start taking actions...or express your gratitude


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