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Create a Jar of Happiness + FREEBIES

A jar of happiness can bring more happiness and fun into your life.

It is easy to create such happiness jar. You will need only some jar or container, paper and creative thoughts!

Anna has prepared this FREE templates you can use. Just print it out (use only those sheets which resonate with you) and ideally print them our on coloured papers, fill in prompts and cut them into small pieces. Fold them and place into your happiness jar.

And have fun! :)

You can pick one piece of paper daily or when you feel doing so. If it is a task, please try to complete it and do not pick up another paper unless it was done. If it is a thing that makes you happy, do it to be happier. If it is a thing you are grateful for, shift yourself into a gratitude mood.

Happiness Jar
Download PDF • 4.79MB


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