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What superpower would you like to have?

It was a long journey back home. Sometime driving on M25 can take longer than expected. Areas around Heathrow clockwise, or junction 12 anticlockwise can get very busy, especially when there is an accident or a road work leading to lanes merging.

Tuesday evening this week was not an exception (Boxing Day when people were returning from Christmas visits). We stopped just before junction 12 for almost 40 min. My daughter and her friend Sarah were in the car so we had a little disco and fun. I think the whole car was moving with us. We enjoyed that.

Then Sarah asked: "What superpower would you like to have?"

I said: "I have many superpowers but I am not using them!" and we laughed. Then more seriously, I started thinking that I could wish to be invisible, get everything what I want, etc. But I was never really after these things. They were not attracted to me. So I said: "I would just like to have superpower to make people happy or happier around me." And I smiled, that was my real heart desire. Girls laughed but not being too surprised with my answer.

They wanted to be invisible, able to fly or travel anywhere. I was not too surprised with their answers (they are currently playing Hogwarts Legacy).

Then we started moving again, and came back to our town just before 10pm.

Girls wanted to stop at McDonald's so we went to McDrive. I was not that hungry but I learnt during our journey how important is not feel FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out!) so I decided to go for Happy Meal with chicken nuggets (I did not have Happy Meal for years). I opened it at home, girls more excited and curious than me to see what my Happy Meal surprise will be and when I opened the box, I could not believe my eyes! There was mini box inisde with a message 'Share your happiness with others' and inside that mini box was a little Paddington bear (Xmas decoration) with the same message!

So it was clear message form the Universe, an omen, that I am doing something right with my happiness mission and vision!

What do you think?


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