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Golden rule of 70% - Change your mindset of lack to the mentality of abundance

Noone is perfect but many of us are trying to achieve 100%. We are not doing it for us to be happy, but rather to get validation of others and a proof that we are good enough and capable enough.

But the truth is - for right people, who love us, we are we are good enough anyway and we do not have to prove it. For others, for people who usually have a mindset of lack and can notice only what is wrong, for such people we might not be good enough regardless what we do.

So when you are overworking, trying to achieve 100 %, ask yourself - "Do I do these things because I really want to or is there some belief from my childhood or some memory when I did not feel good enough for my parents and I do this stuff to prove my value?"

That thinking is similar to the following:

1 + 1 = 2

2 + 2 = 4

3 + 3 = 6

4 + 4 = 8

5 + 5 = 9

Have you noticed the mistake? I bet you did. What was your thought:

A. I can see a mistake. someone is really bad in math, they cannot do simple math.

B. Oh, someone is good at math, they got 80% correct answers, they made just a silly mistake. But we are human beings, we can do mistakes.

Can you see the difference in thinking? Most of us were taught to think like A. Not many think like B. And that is our problem. We cannot recognise what is good, great and enough around us. We cannot recognise that in ourselves and often neither in others.

Our parents were brought up in similar thinking so we should not blame them.

So I came up with a golden rule of 70% which I apply in my life. It means that if I achieve 70% of tasks a day, or plans in a week, or my thoughts are positive about 70 % a day, I feel great about myself. I feel proud of myself. I am trying to achieve more, but usually I take it as a bonus.

In evenings I ask myself whether I achieved at least 70%, if I did, I feel happy :)

There is no need to use 70%, you can adjust the number for whatever number works for you. Just stop having it 100%. It is impossible to achieve and you will feel more lack than abundance!

And that is the point, we want to feel abundant and good enough!

Can you do that? I bet you can .... :)

Was my English at least 70% good enough? Did you get my point :) If yes, then I am happy as English is not my first language.


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