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Happier when you know your strengths

You need to write your strengths on CV or someone ask you what are your strenghts. Do you know them? Can you label and name your strengths or would you struggling and looking for right words. People are happier when they have self condifence and know what they are good at.

Without doubting! Understanding your strengths unlocks your potential and increase happiness.

I knew my strengths but I was not sure about which are top 5 or top 10 and what is on top of my list. One lady recommended me the Gallup CliftonStrengths Online Talent Assessment (click here). It is a paid assessment (I am not their affiliate. I am not paid for mentioning them, it is my personal experience) but it was worth it.

Gallup identified 34 possible strengths/ talents/skills people can have and once people they the assessment, Gallup provides a report where these 34 strengths are ordered from 1 to 34. So you will be able to see what you are best at.

These 34 strentghs are grouped in 4 domains:

I got 5 skills in my first 10 in the Relationship Building theme!

My top 5 skills are Ideation, Positivity, Strategic, Connectedness and Achiever.

They sent me a report which gave me the following information about each strength (considering their combination in Top 5, Top 10 etc.)

  • What my unique contribution can be with such strength

  • What gives me an edge over others

  • An action Item

  • The advantage

  • What to watch for

  • How I can thrive with such a strength


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