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How to improve your relationship with your child and be a happier mum?

Mums - discover your child's love language and you and your child will be happier! It can improve your relationship!

My dominant love language is Physical Touch. So I always thought that by hugging my daughter I was expressing my love to her and she felt loved. But sometime I could see that she did not feel that way. So I asked my daughter to take the test to find out her love language. And it was Quality Time. Although hugs were ok, she was craving to spend time with me, talking to me without any interruption of external factors - like checking my phone, replying to text messages or phone calls, running to take out laundry from washing machine etc. That was an important information for me as I started focusing on expressing my love in the way she needed it.

There are The 5 Love Languages® identified by Gary Chapman:

- Words of Affirmations: kids need to hear that you appreciate them and they are good enough

- Physical Touch - kids needs more hugs and cuddling

- Quality Time: kids want to spend uninterrupted time with you, dancing, watching TV, talking

- Services: kids appreciate when you do something for them like combing hair

- Gifts: kids expect little thoughtful surprises and gifts

More about it and the quiz can be found here:

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