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Tip: Have a Journaling Corner

Anna has made her own journaling space by converting an old Hifi unit into her corner for writing.

Having a corner for yourself, your journaling or reading a book where you feel comfortable and surrounded by little things you love is important.

Bring a little 'journaling hygge' to it, a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment (find our more about Hygge). For instance, grab a cup of tea or coffee, create the atmosphere with lit candles or a fireplace, put your favourite socks on and fully enjoy the 'ME' moment!

You can create your own journal or use a journal which works for you.

Either way, writing into your journal can help you to connect with yourself and have a fulfilling moment. In such moments, you can discover what makes you feel alive. You notice your feelings, you will be connected to your body through your heart, mind, spirit and emotions,

You can also take it to a next level when doing a themed junk journal and setup a scene like 'Alice in Wonderland' or whatever theme you focus on.

These scenes will take your imagination further.

Journaling can also be done at other places - sitting on the bank of a river, having a coffee in your favourite cafe shop or place.

Don't stress about writing every single day, don't try to be perfect,

just have a good time and FUN!

Your journal will not judge you.

There’s no right way to have a journal but allow yourself to explore until you find the way works just for you (and keep smiling) :)

Anna loves new things and she is full of ideas so she decided to create her own journaling corner by upcycling an old unit. I love using chalky furniture paints as no prior sanding or priming is needed. And then I used bits of wall papers. There are so many on the market!

Get inspired! :)

I hope you got inspired and motivated to create your own cosy space for writing into your journal!

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