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Map of Goals, dreams and possibilities

The vision board - Goals and Dreams can be used to visualise your main dreams, goals or possibilities.

This board has pre-designed spaces for writing in each key life area. You can write your goals or dreams in the spaces with your white board marker pen. Some of your goals and dreams come to your mind immediately, some of them will come later. You can add physical or tangible (perceptible by touch) goals and dreams such as a new house, better job or loving partner. Your goals can be also activities such as regular exercise or house de-cluttering.

Sometime we think that a new car can make us happy but when we achieve it, we might not get the feeling. Focusing on what feeling, emotion or inner quality you would like to achieve such as 'be kind', 'be strong' or 'shine within' can be another way how to determine your goals. The spaces on board do not provide too much space to elaborate your goals but you can associate a thought with it. For example, if you write there 'be strong', you can have a thought associated with it such as 'I can handle each situation, if I have a problem, I am going to look for a solution and I know my self-worth.' This way anytime when you see your goal on your vision board, it will invoke the whole thought.

You can also add possibilities - things which would enrich your life, inspire you or which would be nice to have or achieve but they are not necessarily your life essentials.


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