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When a Woman follows her passion - flying with drone

My friend Maria loves flying with a drone and then she edits her recordings and creates beautiful videos (see below). It is her passion. It makes her happy. She feels like she has wings. My friend is an amazing, creative and talented soul who lives a happy life.

You can see her creativity in painting and baking too! Her lingerie cookies are made with love (picture). What I value most about her is her compassionate, loving and giving heart!

Maria's heart and soul are expressed via her wonderful artwork.

Maria goes after her dreams, she follows her visions and she builds her skills set every day. Sometime I feel that Maria could 'conquer the world' if she wants to :).

She is mentally strong with a happy and positive mindset and amazing ability to deal with life challenges.

Maria creates lovely videos of nature so if you had wings too. Her BUDA SPIRIT YouTube Channel (click here) brings a variety of nature and meditation videos and also a video of her Viking wedding in Sweden!

Please subscribe to her channel if you would like to support her creativity and artwork.



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