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Wisdom of kids: Mini lesson of self-love

From my real life, one of the best lessons ever ... Every mum wants to hear that she is the most loved person in her child's eyes. Have you ever asked your child: 'Who do you love most?' What did they answer?

I did ask the question as well. I asked when my daughter was 2 years old, 5 years older, a teenager... I got the same answer for all those years!

My daughter always said: "MYSELF!"

Ok, I have to admit. It was a bit heart breaking to hear it at first, for two reasons:

  1. Oh, I am not on top of her list, what am I doing wrong?

  2. OMG, I am bringing up a selfish person...

So I was shocked a little ... even trying to correct her answers about 2-3 times when she was little ... explaining her that is wrong to love herself most ...that she should answer with a name of a person she loves most, not just herself ... (please do not judge me .... that was my initial reaction many, many years ago when self love was not promoted so much and it was the way how we were brought up! Also I have never ever heard any other person to answer this question like this - never before, never after!)

My little daughter looked at me and said: "Mum! but why should I say someone else if I love myself the most?!" Her honest authentic answer found me surprised, realising how wrong my thinking was. She actually was giving me a mini lesson of self-love for many of those years (I was curious whether she would answer something else after years so I kept asking her the question over and over from time to time). The answer was always the same. I learnt a lot from her!

However, when she got older, she sometime added: "Mum! But you are the second one and the second place is very close to the first one!" I had to laugh. My little (actually not that little anymore) cheeky girl!


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