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Declutter Your Mind & Home - a miracle will happen

As trees get rid of leaves, we should get rid of stuff & thoughts which do not serve us anymore. By decluttering our Mind & Home, we will feel like a miracle has happened!

Autumn is a perfect time to achieve it!

All our traumas which happened in past and stuff around us at home we don't need should not control our presence. We might always remember certain things, events and moments but we should not allow them to change our current emotions, emotional state and well-being.

So if you are still asking how and why?

#1 - Declutter Your home

We are going to start with the easier task - decluttering your home, place or room! If you think your place is already spot on and no need to declutter, you might skip to next section. But we would advise you to read this section too as it might trigger some new ideas about your home!

You know that the surrounding environment is very important for our happy life. Clutter in a house can mean lots of clutter in our mind and heart. It might show us that we have a problem to let things go and most likely, we have the same problem to let our obsolete thoughts or emotions go too!

When we buy something, we often become attached to that object because either we invested money, time, effort, thoughts or we have associated emotions with the object (for example, when we bought a nice painting with a good friend but then you unfriended each other and when we look at the painting we feel a bit of pain over the lost friendship). The bigger financial, emotional, spiritual, physical or mental investment, the stronger attachment. It is difficult to let it go because what we invested might never be returned back. Another reason for 'I cannot get rid of it' might be an illusion of 'what if' I need it one day . So we keep it. When we look at it, it does not bring us joy or good feeling but rather a guilty thought 'why did I buy it?', or thought of shame of being an emotional spender, often along with thinking of its cost and sacrifice we had to do in order to buy it. For example, it can be earrings which are too heavy to wear, a silk scarf which has amazing colours but does not really match our personality type, a book which is too boring to be read or a set of expensive drinking glasses stored in a box because there is no space to display them and they are not best shaped for drinking from them. But it can be related to larger objects such as cars too.

Can you see a thinking pattern in it? Do you have such thoughts? Do you think that your life would be happier of you have less stuff at home?

Not everyone has this habit of random stuff collecting. So if you do not belong to this group of people who collect clutter, please share your tips in the comment below this post. We would love to hear it!

Some people buy and keep only practical things which they really use or need and can sell or donate other things which are not needed anymore.”

We hope you can see how important for your mind is to declutter your home as the first thing.

Not sure how to do it? Our next blog post will give you a guidance how decluttering can be achieved easier and more rewarding!

#2 - Declutter your Mind

Thought, emotions, memories which belong to our past. We all have them. Nothing wrong with them unless...

  1. We repeat events in our mind. The events happened years ago and we return to them very often, almost daily. And they invoke emotions! Not best emotions. Or they invoke great emotions and we dwell on them!

  2. Our thoughts keep us imprisoned in our past and do not allow us to enjoy our current life and presence, or create a happier future.

So what to do?

Take a walk and observe trees.

If it is an autumn and leaves are falling off the trees, it might be easier (if it is not, visualise it while walking or watch a video of falling leaves).

The whole idea of this exercise is:

When your past events or thoughts come to your mind, watch them like leaves falling off trees in Autumn. At the beginning, leaves might want to keep on the tree but after a while the tree decides to let them go. Decide to let go those thoughts and associated emotions which do not serve you anymore.

Observe them, your thoughts will be there as leaves will be around the tree but they are not part of the tree anymore and the tree is not affected by them. So let your thoughts to be around you.

Soon or later leaves (your thoughts) will disappear!

And even if the come back to visit you one day, they will not have any power over you.

Be like the tree, detach old leaves & produce new, better ones.

Before some leaves fall off tree, they might change their colours first and take some time to be ready to detach. And it is ok too. It shows that the process started & less of tree energy goes their way.

When you declutter your mind - awareness of letting go of some thoughts comes first & it is a very important step as it starts the process too.

Happiness is a choice. Your choice. You can take little actions to be Happier. The aim of our blog is to assist you with it, step by step towards your happier life!

If the post was interesting, you can stay tunes as there will be some guidance how to achieve it (you can subscribe on our website to receive news or follow us on social media)!

Are you able to declutter your home & mind easily? (Please vote to see other votes)

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  • Often, but not always

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