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Three steps for setting achievable goals for 2024

We all are trying to enter the new year either with new resolutions or goals. Unfortunately, most of us keep enthusiastic only for the first couple of weeks. So what should we do better to have our goals or resolutions more achievable?

Firstly, decide whether you would like to actively work on your goals. If not, placed them into a category 'DREAMS', not goals. If you decide to be very diligent and have new goals you would like to work on, do the following:

1. Write goals down (if not sure, using the SMART approach explained below can help) and review them periodically.

2. Create goals for different areas of your life. For example, based Feng Shui there are 8 key life areas. You can use free printable sheets:

Download PDF • 3.92MB

3. Set your action plan with milestones and checkpoints - 30 ,60 or 90 days.

To keep your goals and actions visible, you can use our Dry Erase Magnetic Boards (click here for more details) which can be placed on your fridge or a magnetic surface. These can be reviewed easily every day, and rewritten or updated when needed.

It is a limited edition as only a few items are in stock. These magnetic boards have been designed by Anna and can be bought only on this website.


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